Thursday, October 3, 2013

Family Trees and Apple Trees

     We started off the week finishing up our Family theme.  I just can't leave a theme or project unfinished!  Then we moved on to our Apple theme, which we will have to finish up the beginning of next week.  It is just a vicious cycle, but everything seems to come out ok! lol  We also did a lot of cooking and eating this week!  This class just loves to eat!  I do incorporate several skills: math, following directions, and literacy.
We have been doing lots of graphing!  I think it's important for them to be exposed to many different types of graphs.  We had a few that did not have brothers or sisters, so I let them decide where they needed to be placed on the graph.  Hello, critical thinking! :)

I minimized pictures of them to put on their own Venn graph.

They really enjoyed this!  I think they really just liked the mini pictures! :)

We made houses made out of different food shapes.

I forgot to snap a picture of the completed house and following direction activity that we did after.

More cooking!  We made applesauce!  I love my apple corer/slicer!  It makes this cooking activity a breeze!

I also like that they are able to make the applesauce pretty much by themselves.

We brought in our favorite type of apples and then graphed to see which type of apples are class liked the most.

The completed graph

Apple Centers-  Tasting center.  We tasted apple juice, fresh apples, apple pie, apple muffins,and applesauce.  Everyone loved our homemade applesauce!

Most of them ate all of their tasting samples!

Art Center- We made apple prints.

Weighing Center-  They guessed how many blocks their apple weighed and then compared the apple to different objects.

Circumference-  They guessed how big around their apple was with string.

I love this picture!

     Today was so much fun!  This is always one of my favorite activities that we do all year!  We will be doing more apples next week and then moving on to the Farm.  I'm hoping to have my first thematic unit ready to go next week as a freebie!  Let's hope I don't have any technological issues! :) Have a great weekend and GO BRAVES!!!!

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