Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apples and the Farm

     The days and weeks are just flying by!  I can't seem to get it all in, whether at home or school.  I'm still decorating my house for Fall, and I can never seem to finish up our themes!  We finished up apples this past week and finally began our Farm theme.  This is one of my favorite themes, and I just realized there is nothing about the farm on here!  Hopefully, that will not be the case this year! ;)  My Mrs. Wishy Washy theme is finished, but I have a few things that I'm tweaking, so hopefully will be up by Wednesday.  Like I said earlier, I can't seem to get it all in!  Anyway, here are some of the things that happened in our room last week.
Zero came to visit for our 20th day of school and read us a counting book about apples.

My assistant made this fabulous Seasons of an Apple Tree flip book.  It is just the cutest thing!  Our Scholastic Weekly Reader went along with our project, and she also read The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree.

I took this picture before the details were added, but they colored white snow flakes on the branches.  We were a little pressed for time, but you could have them paint snowflakes with white paint and Q-tips.

The Spring picture was just crepe paper glued on to make leaves and the apple blossoms.

Summer- They glued green construction paper squares on.

Fall- The same but just added some cut out apples.

Working on the project!

They really enjoyed doing this!

I love this project!  I also use this as part of our evaluation to evaluate whether they know the letters that are in their name.  They painted two paper plates of their favorite color apple, cut and glued the stem and leaf on, and then cut out the seeds of the letters that are in their name.  On the seed sheet was just a variety of letters, but they only had to cut out the ones that were in the name.  The seeds went in the pocket, and they wrote their name on the front.

Mrs. Wishy Washy came to visit to introduce our Farm theme.

She showed them how the pig rolled in the mud, the duck paddled in the mud, and the cow jumped in the mud.

I had them try to guess what we were going to do since all my animal friends were muddy.  Of course, they all said put them in the tub.  We did and before you know it, they were back in the mud!

We discussed the author and illustrator of the book and who the characters were in the book.  Next week we will be doing more this and will work on retelling the story.

I had a wonderful parent make me a Mrs. Wishy Washy and tub!  The kids just love it!  We then put together a sentence that said they were in the tub.

I like to give a little trinket for the letter of the week, if they complete and turn in their homework.  The letter was A, so I bought these little Atlanta Braves notebooks.  I encouraged them to write their popcorn words in their notebook.  I'm thinking about doing these also for themes that we have, and then they can record the words that we are learning.

     We don't have a Fall break, but we do have two early release days this week and picture day!  I may have to carry farm over into our Pumpkins & Spiders theme, but it is all Farm related, right?! :0  Have a great week!

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