Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun Fall (Halloween) Centers

     On Halloween day we had some really fun, cool centers!  I gave up trying to teach on Halloween because it is just absolutely useless! LOL!!!  There was still learning involved, but in a fun, playful way.  I had some great moms come in and help and boy, did it help them run smoothly!
Cooking Center- We made Pumpkin Pizzas and Spider Cookies
They chose which items they wanted on their pizza to make a face.

We did not eat the pizzas during the center because they had to be cooked.  We had our spider cookies and pizzas for lunch.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the spider cookies!

Candy Corn Math-  In this center they made the front of their Candy Corn book.  
They measured how long their pencil was with candy corn, weighed them, and guessed how many were in a jar.  

Art Center- We made spider hats
The completed hat- so cute!

Science Center- We made slime!  This was definitely the winner!  I found the recipe for the slime  here.  It is super easy and not really messy at all.  We did have to add a little more Borax (about a teaspoon more) to the recipe.  They were even able to take the slime home with them!

Today was a really fun day!  They look great in their spider hats!
To cap the day off, we had a Mystery Reader come and read Miss Spider's Tea Party!


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